Cost Solutions

At Cost Solutions we offer cost management services with a primary focus on identifying and reducing business costs and increasing profits. We are active in the hospitality and tourism industry, taking over the management of luxury hotels and F&B businesses.

Welcome to Cost Solutions

Cost Management Services

One of the main priorities of an entrepreneur is to find the right cost reduction strategy for its business. A strategy that will offer the possibility of supremacy over the competition while satisfying its objectives and requirements. Cost Solutions provides a range of customized cost reduction services and comprehensive organizational proposals that help entrepreneurs achieve the desired results.

Cost Management

We plan and adjust cost management according to the needs of your business.

Cost Estimation

We analyze the costs and estimate the budget based on your own capabilities.

Cost Control

We implement the designs and manage the entire commercial department of your business.

Cost Reporting

We provide high quality reports showcasing the efficiency of your business.

If you increase your revenue by 1%, this does not mean 1% increase in your profit.
But if you reduce your cost by 1%, it becomes your realized profit correspondingly.

Our Task

Cost Solutions evaluates, monitors, and controls company’s costs, according to both company’s budget and its financial requirements. The scope of Cost Solutions is broad, including control, analysis, and even forecasting of a given budget.

Cost Solutions Service Stages

Management Plan

  • Cost types identification
  • Cost management tools selection
  • Cost tracking data structure creation
  • Informative report creation

Estimation & Budgeting

  • Cost Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Planning


  • Vendors Evaluation
  • Purchases Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Systems Management (ERP)
  • Costing and Pricing of products and Services


  • Performance report analysis
  • Comparison report analysis
  • Key performance Indicator evaluation

Your goal is our goal.

At Cost Solutions we are not looking for clients but partners. Creating close bonds with our partners is our primary goal. Providing high quality services to achieve the goals of our partners is our reason for existence.